Click the Green PolkaDot Box Below to Learn How to Save 60% On NonGMO Organics
Click the Green PolkaDot Box Below to Save Up To 60% On Non GMO Organics   
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Find the Treasure in Living Green...

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"It's rewarding, it feels really good and it saves you money! I invite you to begin or continue your green journey with me and explore the Environmental Booty green shopping experience." Shane Shirley-Smith, President, EHWB,LLC/  

I believe that synergy needs to exist between our consumer choices, our health and a healthy world and that living green shouldn't break the bank! I founded to spread the message to people like you that living green is as simple as finding the treasure in self, people and planet.

I want to sustain, but I want to have fun too…don’t you?

Moving toward a greener way of living shouldn't be about guilt right? Living green should simply be about learning how to take small steps every day toward a more sustainable tomorrow. 

We have partnered with top green industry suppliers and we can point you in the right direction for great green living savings and finds...just look to the left!

Our future depends on our knowledge and actions. The consumer choices you make today will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow.  

Please join me in taking small steps, every day, toward a greener tomorrow and click the links to the left to start shopping green with me and our Environmental Booty Partners.

Peace, Love and Eco,



P.S. -  Something significant is happening in the organic food industry! The Green PolkaDot Box!

Recently launched and supported by Environmental Booty, Mission Possible World Health International, Citizen’s for Health, NaturalNews, Organic Consumers Association and The Institute for Responsible Technology (Jeffrey Smith's Stop GMO’s group), you can finally buy organic, natural and non-GMO foods at wholesale pricing of up to 60% off!